February 28, 2024


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How Automation Transforms the Post-Purchase Customer Experience

How Automation Transforms the Post-Purchase Customer Experience

In the usually-on retail environment, the ease of a seamless knowledge is the vital to successful more prospects. In accordance to Linnworks research, about 80% of purchasers are looking for a frictionless, cross-system ecommerce knowledge. 

The challenge for stores is that they’re busier than ever merchandising solutions, processing payments, providing orders and juggling a multitude of other each day duties. To scale the enterprise with out sacrificing usefulness, providers need to take into consideration automation providers, this kind of as LateShipment.com. The added benefits of automation are very clear for the company as a entire, and automation can also renovate the buyer encounter even when the customer isn’t straight involved. 

Browsing and checkout ordeals can be managed directly by the buyer, but that is only 50 percent of the overall get encounter. The put up-order section can current a sequence of intricate responsibilities ⁠— which include delivery, monitoring, shipping, returns, reviews and additional ⁠— and automation helps be certain these jobs are managed in an economical method. Automation will help generate a good publish-purchase expertise for the client and can have a major effect on engagement and profits chances.